Anonymous asked: Dear past/future me, (Alternate John and Dave, the Beta version if answering as Alpha, the Alpha if answering as Beta ))

TG: Dear past/alternate me

TG: take care of the badass lil bro that i never got to meet

TG: lil shit had to change his own diapers and live alone unlike you

TG: least you could do is buy him some fucking orange soda and get him a new puppet

TG: also that movie you were thinking about with the stairs

TG: it sells for millions 

TG: mass produce it

- D Strider


GT: Dear past/alternate me,

GT: the comedy thing is worth it! do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

GT: also find your sister and keep her close

GT: or you will not see her again…

GT: good luck

poppop crocker

OoC: ah shoot I thought I posted something after April Fools day but I guess I forgot to post it.

This Blog is basically going on Hiatus until May 1st. I have to fully animate my senior film and I’ve been neglecting that to update this blog because I enjoy drawing john and dave yo. Anyway I have to graduate so my film comes first. I’ll try to upload something for 4/13 but other than that I’m going on hiatus :O When I come back I’ll be finishing up whatever alpha asks I can finish in a week, respond to jade, clear out any I can’t answer and setting up for Demonstuck, sorry SouthParkstuck was just my april fools gag, I wrote it in the tags but I feel like an ass because I never fixed it so I’ll try to do at least one of the asks I got @.@. And After May 18th I can finally send out the giveaway prizes ((sorry about the long delay on those I really did not plan that well at all)) 

Anyway john and dave will return soon till then here’s a picture of my capstone character rainbow

thank you for your patience!))

EB: of course!

TG: what did you do

(( OoC: I’ve given up Alpha Asks and got rid of demonstuck, and decided to go straight to southparkstuck. ))

TG: john is once again fucking with the blog and i have no idea where he went

TG: id be wary of going on goggles on the blog or just the blog page in general

((OoC: It’s been a while since I did lineless artwork, if you want the individual transparencies for the two gifs ((John and Dave)) just let me know and I’ll cut and post them, Thanks again for the follows :D )) 

TG: were done talkin about it

Anonymous asked: Dear person I had a crush on,

TG: dear one of the people i had still have a crush on

TG: im still baffled that im the one you laid your lips upon

TG: you are still as sick as the beats that I speak

TG: even now my physique is weak to your unique technique

TG: but somehow this affection

TG: might go a different direction

TG: even though youre still perfection

TG: maybe we were born with this connection

TG: may our past conflicts be erased and our bodies embraced

TG: and let me witness the serene gleam of green


EB: dear person i had a crush on. you kind of got me killed and dated the the dead version of me.

EB: wish i actually knew what happened that made us call it quits but that offer to have a movie night is still on the table!

((I don’t have time to draw so I’m doing this instead))


I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box.

Dear person I hate,

Dear person I like,

Dear ex boyfriend,

Dear ex girlfriend,

Dear bestfriend,

Dear *anyone*,

Dear Santa,

Dear Grandma,

Dear future me,

Dear past me,

Dear person I had a crush on,

Dear boyfriend,

Dear patron mambro,

Dear *inster name of the character*,

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Anonymous asked: Smooth as in good smooth and realistic

(( ooc: awesome thanks yo))

/Posted 3 weeks ago

TG: hes old enough to break his hip just sitting down

TG: its not happening 

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